Brewster family honoured for century of success in family business

The Brewster family has been honoured for their enduring entrepreneurial spirit, and a family business legacy in Alberta that has involved six generations for more than 100 years.


The Alberta Business Family Institute has honoured the Brewster family in 2010 for their long history of operations in the Canadian Rockies, and as one of a succession of proud Alberta families whose hard work and visionary leadership have helped to build the province from its earliest roots.

“This year we celebrate the history and success of another outstanding multigenerational business family – the Brewsters,” said Grant Lovig, board chair for the Alberta Business Family Institute. ”Today, we know them best as the family that brought us 100 years of entrepreneurial spirit through their history in the Canadian Rockies as pioneers in the lodging, outfitting and service industries.”

Lovig welcomed Brewster family members to the Alberta Business Family Institute’s 8th annual celebration events in Calgary and Edmonton in early November. The evenings paid homage to Bud Brewster, who, along with his wife Annette has worked all his life to build a diverse and successful business enterprise in the Canadian Rockies. Together they purchased, constructed and operated Brewster’s Mountain Pack Trains, Brewster Lake Louise Stables, Kananaskis Guest Ranch, Mount View BBQ, Shadow Lake Lodge, Kananaskis Ranch Golf Course and other real estate holdings that became the site of Brewster’s Mountain Lodge in Banff.

Recognition also extends to Bud and Annette’s three daughters, Janet, Cori, and Alison, who continue to oversee family business operations along with their spouses. Janet has been continuously involved in the Brewster family’s business development, operations and expansion since the late 1970s, including the guest ranch, hotel, golf course, and horse operations. Cori, a singer-songwriter with four full-length albums of original music to her credit, managed the Kananaskis Ranch Golf Course until 2008, before returning to work full-time on her music career. Alison started in the family business at age 13, working in the backcountry operations by helping cook and wash dishes, and today manages Brewster’s Mountain Lodge, the family’s 77-room and suite boutique hotel in the heart of Banff, Mount View BBQ Catering, and Shadow Lake Lodge.

Tristan White Jones, who has had a life-long friendship and working association with the Brewster family, attended the celebration events to introduce the family, and offer her perspective on the family’s long success in business.

"The Brewster family are the most determined and hard working people I know,” she said. “This award has allowed them an opportunity to pause and reflect upon their achievements and struggles, the family's many colourful characters, their pioneering legacy, and their important and continuing contributions to the hospitality industry in the Canadian Rockies."

The Brewster family joins other leading Alberta family businesses who have been honoured by the Alberta Business Family Institute. The Fuller family, behind the Earls and Saltlik restaurant group, the Honourable Paul Martin and family, as well as the Aspers, Shaws, Meltons, Gagnons, and Richardsons have all been past honourees.



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