Outfitting Marilyn Munroe: Interview with Bud & Annette Brewster and Janet Brewster-Stanton

They had one photo shoot down at Seebe when they burnt down a cabin there, near Exshaw.

Ester Richards was cooking on that job. The ten percent of the film that we handled at Seebe was the dangerous part. They ran the Horseshoe Rapids near the Seebe Ranch. I got the power company to lower the water level to make it safer. I used to work at the power company. The last scene was a battle with the Indians on the Bow River. Jim Brewster was also a double for Robert Mitchum in that movie. There was one shot that was taken at the Rafter Six Guest Ranch. We supplied ten head of horses for this portion of the movie.

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Brewster family honoured for century of success in family business

“This year we celebrate the history and success of another outstanding multigenerational business family – the Brewsters,” said Grant Lovig, board chair for the Alberta Business Family Institute. ”Today, we know them best as the family that brought us 100 years of entrepreneurial spirit through their history in the Canadian Rockies as pioneers in the lodging, outfitting and service industries.”

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A Hat and a Hammer

When John Brewster came to “Siding 29” in 1886 to start a dairy, little did he know the profound impact his family would have on Banff becoming a world-class tourist destination. And it would be one salient great-grandson who would step forward to continue building his family’s legacy in order to keep backcountry hikers, horseback riders and guest ranch aficionados coming back to Canada’s oldest national park.

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